Erin Celello was born and raised in Michigan’s gorgeous Upper Peninsula where she spearheaded a neighborhood effort to sell Trilliums in beer bottles (because lemonade stand revenues just weren’t cutting it), taught herself to do a “Three Amigos” mount onto her saint–like horse’s back, ski raced, spent a lot of time trying to get out of track workouts, and made many dubious fashion and hair choices (thank god Facebook showed up after high school), and one dubious choice in general that resulted in her having to paint the rival football team’s stadium.

She received an English degree from St. Norbert College, where she also ran track and was an editor of The St. Norbert TIMES. Not knowing what else one does with a degree in English, Erin set out for law school but never quite got there. Instead, she headed back up (farther) north to Marquette, Michigan where she received an MFA in fiction from Northern Michigan University and a PhD in snow shoveling.

Eventually, Erin landed in Madison, Wisconsin, where she lives today with her unruly Vizslas, Leonard and Newton, and her husband Aaron. If they have children, Erin and Aaron plan to name them all some version of their first names and simply give each a unique last name.

When she’s not writing, Erin loves escaping to the barn to hang out with her American Quarter Horse, Gino, and all the fabulous people who board their horses there. When she has a lot of free time, Erin loves cooking, running marathons and competing in triathlons. She recently completed her first Ironman. She also recently attempted to give up wine. The Ironman was easier.